Deanna at 6
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July 9 1999 - Deanna's Birthday

Her favorite present...her first kitty

She also got a digital camera, her own color printer, a lot of learning games, clothes and toys.

The next day, July 10th Deanna had a party with many of her friends at neat playgym for kids.



Maka, Kaylen, Ry, Clara

Sammi, Ron, Danielle

Eli and many others came.

After blowing out the candles and eating the cake

The kids all gathered while Deanna opened her gifts



Deanna makes the front page of newspaper (click here to see it larger)

Deanna's report card 1st grade Click to see it larger 


Deanna made some wonderful friends and had many adventures.

This is Clara on the left and Lana in the middle.

This is Clara on the left, then Zariani and Lana.

Clara on the left Zariani on the right.

Deanna's class picture (she is on the right).

Deanna played a seal in an eco-play at the school.

Here with her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Matin-Rowell.

When we were on Maui we went for a dive in a Submarine.

She loved the view of the ocean floor 100 feet down in the sub.

She matured quite a bit this year.

What can be said?

She became very interested in Science, particularly space. Here she is in VR flight system.

With her big sister Mistie.